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Anonymous asked: Just wanted to say great blog..I can certainly understand most of your story and admire you for being so open about it..:)

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Let’s go to India to donate eggs! What could possible go wrong?!?!

I came across this story about traveling overseas to become an egg donor.
First and foremost, I did two cycles using an egg donor, DEIVF. I did this once in Madrid and the second time in Prague. I can speak about those clinics and I was assured at the time that my donor was local. For example, the clinic in Prague starts the process at least 6 months in advance; meaning, once the woman is selected, she needs to come back to the clinic at least once a month for 5 months and once the stimulation process starts, at least once a week for the last month.
In other words, I believe I have an understanding of the IVF/DEIVF world. I get to raise an eyebrow at this story.

So, this woman from South Africa gets recruited by a coordinator to be a egg donor and fly to India. Gets a called that she got picked and 4 days later, off to India.
Red flag right there.
Most of you are familiar about how India, and many other countries, feel about skin color and the whiter the better.
I also, as an expat, I’m going with the big assumption that the recipients were not white. Most expats I recalled were coming back to Europe or US to do their DEIVF. So we have these group of white women being flown to India to donate their eggs.

I also have been to India and I love India and I can’t wait to go back but India is not easy
So they arrived, one woman gets stopped by immigration for hours, no one from their agency is there to pick them up, all the women doing hormonal shots, taking drugs. You get the idea. RED FLAG!
They also continue to say how the woman detained and later on, denied entrance, as like she was deported. OMG, she was deported!
No, that’s not a deportation. A country has every right to deny entrance even after you’ve a visitors visa. She did not have a residence visa and was send back, that’s deportation. She was denied entrance to India.
I’m immigrant, I know what deportation is about.
The story continues to be a pure clusterf*ck: agency is a mess, their profiles don’t match, being sent back only hours after retrievals. On and on.
I honestly, I can’t feel sympathy for anyone. Well, maybe the recipients.
But I can’t think how anyone thought: Mmm, let’s go to India on this adventure, fly 17 hours, and donate eggs! and be surprise when everything went wrong.

Here is the link if you want to read for yourself. Beware that some of the language on that story is problematic and drenched with privilege.

South African Egg Donor Sent to India, Realizes Agency is Scamming Recipients

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